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Hia, DeviantArt friends!

I got interviewed recently by ComicsPRSS in their YouTube studio!  It was really fun!  Check out the video link to see me talk about my games and other art projects!

Thanks to Jeffrey Lamar from MITNG for giving Orbital / Primeval the spotlight on his entertainment blog today! Check it out if you're interested in reading my answers to his questions about my inspirations and creative process:…!

Lightning Dog and Me! by Orbital-Primeval

Booth 1913 by Orbital-Primeval

I've got to admit...I'm a bit nervous!  I'm going to have a table (booth 1913) at the grand ol' Phoenix Comicon this year!  Still getting everything lined up, but participating in Phoenix's First Fridays art walks has prepared me, I think, for how to interact with wandering crowds.  It goes for four days (June 5-8), and it's gonna be CRAZY!  I'll post pictures after the event.

As a side note, the Orbital / Primeval facebook page has been getting a lot more love from me than this site, but I'm going to try to get back to updating everywhere.  I've got some interesting projects that I've been working on that I'll start posting soon.
With help from my friends and family, I participated in downtown Phoenix's monthly arts festival called "First Fridays."  It was a blast!  I sold lots of comic books and games, and I can't wait to do something like that again...maybe at a conference or somethin'!

The whole thing went down quite last minute, but I managed to get everything together because my sister and like 8 friends shot over to help me package, organize, transport, and set up!  It was a blast, honestly!

Big Day Out on the Town by Orbital-Primeval

I loved being able to interact with people at my table.  Seeing people react live to the art was something that I had not experienced with strangers yet.  It was very rewarding and encouraging!

Well, onward towards making more stuff!  I've got a few projects in the works this time around, so we'll see how well it all works out!
Well, it's been a month since it was prototyped, and, I've got to say, the card game I had been working on, "Animallum," turned out to be a lot of fun!  I've played it a few times (lost almost every time), but, as soon as I get the packaging figured out, it will be available for purchase!  Stay tuned!

Test Playing Animallum by Orbital-Primeval

While I work that out, I'm going to begin posting images from the fourth project, "Europan."  It's a comic about space exploration that I'm planning on entering into a contest, and I like how it's going so far!
Today is the 5-year anniversary of my wife and I getting married, and so I've been doing a bit a reflection, which led me to writing this blog entry.  I was looking through some of my old art, and I decided that it would be cool to share it online!

I've been doodling my whole life, but it was a concentrated two-year effort that actually led to me finding an art style in which I could be productive on the scale and quality that I desired.

2009-2010:  Pen, Ink, and Watercolors

First in Charge by Orbital-Primeval  Optigenous Turmoil by Orbital-Primeval  Ice Beetle, Poised 'neath Tree Clock Number NX117 by Orbital-Primeval

These pieces are typical of me 3-4 years ago.  I would use a fountain pen with indian ink to create an image, and then I would color it with watercolor paints.  I was very pleased with how these turned out, but, using this method, I took way too long to complete an image.  I needed to find a better, more efficient method to express my ideas.  On the way, I also created these fan images from some of my favorite games:

2010-2011:  Trying Pixel Art on for Size

Considering that I had in mind to do big projects, I went from fully traditional art using a fountain pen and watercolors to another end of the spectrum, pixel art, thinking it would be fun and fast.  I was wrongish.

Pixel NES Light Guns and a D-Pad by Orbital-Primeval
Pixel Icons by Orbital-Primeval

Pixels turned out to, indeed, be fun, but the constraints of it prevented me from getting across the ideas that I wanted.  I ended up just making a bunch of icons of things I liked or that I thought represented my ideals.  I also tried to see if using a ballpoint pen instead of a fountain pen could make we work faster traditionally.  THAT turned out to be a huge leap forward for me.  I also started to play around with some narratives that I had floating around in my head:

Pixel Characters from an Old Project by Orbital-Primeval
Ball Point Pen and Water-Color:

Fishmen by Orbital-Primeval
Fishmen Enemies and a Friend by Orbital-Primeval

2011-Present:  Sharpies + Digital Color

I REALLY enjoyed making the characters you see above, but it still irked me how long it took to color with watercolors.  Then I made my last leap forward with these pieces...

Lightning Dog Flying through Space by Orbital-Primeval

...and these two that I've already posted (together with alternate color jobs):

Lightning Dog by Orbital-Primeval  Lightning Dog (Paint Job 2) by Orbital-Primeval
Minotwah by Orbital-Primeval  Minotwah (Paint Job 2) by Orbital-Primeval

You can see that I started to experiment with brighter, more shocking colors now that coloring took so little time.  This directly led to me beginning the Lightning Dog comic, and, the rest is history!  I was finally creating content at a high enough quality that I thought it looked cool, but it was also speedy enough for me to start completing projects.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my journey to what I'm making now!
Seaglassing Front Cover by Orbital-Primeval

Hey, hey!  Check it out!  Seaglassing can now be purchased on Etsy!

Whaaat, whaaat!  Lightning Dog is now available to purchase…
Head on over to my blog for the PDF version of Lightning Dog!…

...and, May the Fourth be with you...alwayth...
Well, my second semester of grad school is starting in a few days, but I don't think it'll be like last time when I just stopped drawing for a couple months.  Here's hoping I'll have the drive to keep drawing during school!
Well, I've done moved across the country and started grad school.  It's been topsy turvy for the past month, but I'm getting the spirit back to continue in my art.  Things are calming down, so I'm looking forward to spending some time at the drawing desk again.
Movin' from Cleveland to Phoenix!  Can't really draw while I'm driving or loading a truck, but our electric puppy and friends will continue in either just one more week or less!